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    Bob Balfe

    We lost a valuable member of our website. He was a regular in the message board for well over a decade and loved dropping hammers on his best bet. He will be missed. Rest in Peace Leo.



    I’m still having a hard time coming to terms with this. Actually feel like I lost a family member… my thoughts and prayers are with all his friends and family at this time…

    R.I.P. Cat

    You Will Be Missed…

    Troy Polamalyourass


    Bob Balfe

    He was a good one. I
    am very sad to hear this.
    He will be missed. My
    football season will not
    be the same. Now he is the
    big Cat upstairs ,the king
    Of the jungle. Rest in peace
    my friend you WILL be missed.

    Craig Mikss1

    Man I loved his picks and messages. I haven’t been on here for that long but I second Skippy’s comments. Big loss for us. RIL Leo!


    Never met him, but we have been in contact since my cancer in 2014. Helped me with dos and fonts in Baltimore area once. Skippy, I remember when you two were going at each other, it was funny from the outside looking in, then all was good. Gonna miss the baddest cat in the jungle and that hammer.
    For you Leo
    Draft Dodgers
    Phillthies (think that’s how he did it)
    And of course his Or-Leo’s
    RIP, Im Sure your in a better place

    Scott Beland


    Peace to his family.

    Thank you Leo for your service to this country in the police dept. I respect and admire you.

    I will have a bourbon drink in your honor tonite sir


    Wow! You remember that Chris? That was some funny shit wasn’t it? Wasn’t funny at the time, but he’ll me and Leo became stronger friends than ever after that. He was just such a good all around guy


    I agree Skippy, definitely a good guy

    Roy Koehn

    Never met the man,except in the chatroom,,,laughed at his humor& wit,
    Condolences to the family and friends on this loss,,
    RIP in Leo,,you’ll be missed brother
    I drop the🔨🔨one last time for ya,,,🍺🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃 godspeed…👃👃👃👃💔💔💔💔

    Bob Balfe

    Skippy, give me a shout
    when you get a chance


    Very sad for such a great guy who would text back and forth with me frequently as he would always tell me how much he was enjoying being a recent grandpa.

    Leo and I would text occasionally during the days just to bs and pass the time and he would tell me the different experiences he constantly was encountering in the areas in which he was working and he always wanted to get home to his family and have some cold ones.

    I will mis Leo because he was a close and genuine friend of mine in the forum and in life itself.

    This was a great thing you did here, Bob.

    Great comments by all on the board pertaining to Leo.

    You all are all great and standup people.

    PS Don’t for get about the popes underlings, skanks, red sux, baby bears, Cockies, Twinkies

    Pat F

    He always seemed like a guy who you would hang out with and have a beer. RIP and condolences to his family…

    Troy Polamalyourass

    I haven’t been as active on the forum, but I’m working on my discipline…no doubt I’m always here for ya all…🤙🏾

    Bob Balfe

    Leo would always text
    me his pick if it was
    against big b… he said
    he would never post a play
    if he liked the other
    side of bob.. “out of respect
    for the boss man “

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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