Saturday August 1st VIP Picks

Rangers vs Giants

9:10 PM EST
Rotation #979
Rangers -125 over Giants (loss)

Rangers/Giants Over 8.5 runs (win)


The Giants have been surprisingly decent with not the most talented of lineups and a new manager.  This is a team that is getting decent hitting the last few games and will take advantage again of nice winds blowing out to center.  The Rangers are off to a slow start, but do have power against left handed pitching.  Both teams are on their number 4 starter so I believe it favors the offense.  Texas needs to pick it up before they get too far in a hole.  This is a great spot to play side and total.  Take the Rangers and the Over.

7:00 PM EST
Rotation #723
Sixers -5 over Pacers (loss)

The Sixers have stayed with the same core group of players this season which helps when seasons get put on hold like we have seen.  The Pacers have all kinds of injuries and have not played together as a unit as much as Philly has.  This is an undersized Indiana team.  Philly can really take advantage of their size advantage here.  Take the Sixers.