Wednesday January 29th VIP Picks

ACC Picks

College Basketball
7:00 PM EST
Rotation #808
Notre Dame -9 over Wake Forest (win)
Both teams are struggling in the ACC.  Wake just lost to Virginia despite not having a few of their top players on the floor.  Notre Dame isn’t one of the faster tempos, but will have a lot more possessions than a team like Virginia.  Wake is going to have a tough time keeping up in this game without Brandon Childress, Chaundee Brown.  The Irish don’t foul and they don’t turn the ball over so Wake is going to have to earn their points the hard way.  This Irish Defense isn’t great, but it’s better than the Wake Offense that just can’t be productive without their top scorers.  Notre Dame has veteran leadership and can score behind the three point line.  At some point the Irish will go on a run that Wake won’t be able to cut into.  Take Notre Dame.