Monday November 16th VIP Picks

Vikings vs Bears

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #276
Bears +3.5 over Vikings (loss)
The bad news for the Bears is they don’t have a solid running back tonight with David Montgomery out.  The good news is the Vikings Defense isn’t that great and I don’t think the front seven is good enough for it to even matter.  The better news is Matt Nagy no longer is calling the offense.  OC Bill Lazor will be in charge of the offense and that means TEMPO.  With the ankle weights removed you will see Nick Foles be able to play his game with a fast pace.  This team has the targets to make it work.  Minnesota is short on quality cornerbacks.  The Vikings run an offense where they want to control the clock and run the ball. The problem is the Bears are a great rushing defense so they can keep Dalvin Cook in check and make Kirk Cousins beat them. I like those odds.  Chicago will win this game with defense and their new up-tempo offense will shock people tonight.  Take Chicago.