Friday December 4th VIP Picks

Wisconsin vs Marquette

NCAA Basketball
7:00 PM EST
Rotation #805
Wisconsin -4 over Marquette (pending)
Marquette is obviously going to miss Markus Howard this year.  Howard became the top all time scorer in the Big East before he graduated.  This is a team that will always have offensive firepower, but my concern is with the turnovers.  The Golden Eagles had 24 turnovers against a young Oklahoma State team.  What do you think is going to happen against a veteran Ohio State team?  The Badgers have the size advantage and overall are the deeper team.  Marquette would have to go off like crazy from behind the three point line, but the problem for them is the Badgers have players that can hit from downtown as well.  This is where not having a full packed arena hurts any home court advantage. Take Wisconsin.