Sunday January 5th VIP Picks

1:05 PM EST
Rotation #145-146
Vikings +8 over Saints (win)

Vikings/Saints Over 50 (loss)
For the first time this year we have a Minnesota Offense that is fully healthy.  The system the Vikings use can beat the Saints Defense.  Kirk Cousin can roll out and find his targets.  Adam Thielen back will stretch this field and of course the running game makes this a very balanced offense.  The Saints have been hobbled in the secondary the past few weeks and I believe Minnesota is going to put up a good amount of points today.  We have seen teams come in here and do just that this year.  San Francisco comes to mind and they run the same type of offense Minnesota does.  The Saints will also put up points in their own building.  Drew Brees gets the ball out of his hands quickly and Kamara gives them the balance in the running game.  There are a lot of weapons on both of these offenses.  Neither pass defense is good against wide receivers so the deep shot is always there.  Minnesota has played this team tight over the last few years.  8 points is a lot in this year’s NFL.  This should be another instant classic between both teams.  Take the Vikings and the Over.



4:40 PM EST
Rotation #147-148
Eagles -1 over Seahawks (loss)

Both teams limp into this game with injuries.  Both teams are missing men on the offensive line today.  Philly is down a lot of receivers and Seattle down a lot of running backs.  It’s hard for a team to go on the road without a great running game and win a football game.  Seattle was an inch away from winning last week and their playoff road would have been a lot easier.  I still don’t trust an older Marshawn Lynch who was out of football for a year to put up big numbers.  This game comes down to third down percentage which Philly is better at on both sides of the ball.  Seattle does not have a great defense and the areas that they struggle in are Philly’s strengths.  Tight end and Running back passes.  The winds in this game are set to die down come kickoff, but if they don’t it will be ever harder for Seattle to throw the ball down field.  Take Philadelphia.