Sunday February 28th VIP Picks

Memphis vs Cincinnati

College Basketball 
1:00 PM EST
Rotation #793
Memphis -4 over Cincinnati  (win)
Memphis is a team with great guard play.  The Tigers share the ball very well and  they play excellent defense.  The big downside for Memphis is their turnovers can get high, but a lot of it is because they move the ball so much so really you have to take some bad with the good.  The Tigers play great three point defense which is a huge plus because Cincinnati is not a good three point shooting team or shooting team for that matter.  The Bearcats also turn the ball and this Memphis team is great at forcing the turnovers.  I love the way the Tigers crash the offensive glass and how they spread the ball around   This is a dangerous team when the three pointer is working well for them.  I don’t think Cincinnati is talented enough to run with this team.  Take Memphis.