Saturday May 20th Betting Recap

Picks for 5/20/23

8:30 PM EST
Rotation #540
Lakers -5.5 over Nuggets (loss)
Despite what the Heat are doing in the Eastern Conference, winning on the road is hard. The Lakers looked good in both games in Denver and showed they are very much in this series if they win their home games. Anthony Davis and LeBron James are going to play physical basketball. Austin Reaves can hit three-point shots, while D’Angelo Russell is a good point guard. Denver is the favorite to win the NBA Title, but Los Angeles will have the advantage at home and should creep back into the series after tonight. Take the Lakers.ite up coming

10:07 PM EST
Rotation #916
Angels -130 over Twins (loss)
The Twins played good baseball last night in their close loss, but still, they could be better at hitting left-handed pitching. Patrick Sandoval is a much more established pitcher over the young Louie Varland. Sandoval should shut Minnesota down, while the Angels’ bats should be hot early and after today. Take the Angels.