Tuesday September 1st VIP Picks

White Sox vs. Twins

8:30 PM EST
Rotation #726
Nuggets -1 over Jazz (win)
This NBA Season inside of the bubble has become more than a movement opposed to basketball games.  The hottest star inside of the bubble right now is Jamal Murray and I believe he will have another 40-50 point night.  The Jazz have been stunned.  The pressure is on them and they have no answer on defense for the red hot Murray.  This NBA reset Is all about the story lines.  The calls should also favor Denver tonight.  Take the Nuggets.

8:10 PM EST
Rotation #919
White Sox -115 over Twins (loss)

Michael Pineda will make his season debut tonight coming back from a long suspension.  The good news for Chicago is he probably will be a little rusty and Minnesota doesn’t hammer left handed pitching as well as they do from the other side of the plate.  If you can limit the Twins home runs you have a greater chance of winning the game.  Take the White Sox.