Thursday October 1st VIP Picks

Jets vs Broncos

8:20 PM EST
Rotation #102

Jets -1 over Broncos (loss)
This won’t be the most embarrassing head to head matchup of the week.  That came the other night on a stage!  The Broncos are in trouble.  This team is starting a rookie QB on a short week on the road.  You can really end the write up there.  Now I know the Jets are awful, but I do think they have a decent amount of talented players on defense that will turn Brett Rypien over at least once.  The Broncos have half of their players on defense on IR.  This is not the feared unit we remember.  Denver is going to run the ball on offense.  If the Jets can sell out to stop it that should be enough to get the win at home tonight.  If a guy from the practice squad that never started an NFL game can beat us on a short week then hats off to him.  Take the Jets.