Saturday October 31st VIP Picks

Cincinnati vs Memphis

College Football
12:00 PM EST
Rotation # 138
Cincinnati -7 over Memphis (win)
Cincinnati showed how great their defense was in their road win last week against SMU.  This team plays like an NFL team and I just don’t think Memphis has the identity they once had in the past.  This is a young head coach that was left some talent, but a few of the guys opted out this year and I don’t think the skilled players are good enough to beat this Bearcat Defense.  Brady White is not the most mobile guy so I expect the front seven to do a good job at frustrating and sacking him.   This game is all about defense.  The Bearcats successful defense puts their offense in position to score.  Take Cincinnati.

College Football
2:00 PM EST
Rotation # 178
Houston +3 over UCF (loss)
UCF is a track meet offense, but with that comes costly penalties and on the road that is always a cardinal sin.  This Houston Defense has the talent in all three levels to compete with the Knights and on the offensive side Clayton Tune is looking like he may have a future at the next level.  This is a tough team at home and they have plenty of skilled players of their own to match the talent UCF has.  The Cougars have the edge on special teams as well.  Take Houston.  

College Football
6:00 PM EST
Rotation # 151
Boise State -14 over Air Force (win)
Boise State/Air Force Over 49 (win)
Covid hit some teams harder than others.  Because Air Force is a military school the players all went on to deployments or studies and simply can’t opt back in.  The entire defense is literally gone.  This team has not been exposed yet, but it’s coming today with a great QB in Hank Bachmeier.  Boise has a ton of offensive weapons and are balanced at both throwing and running.  They should put up 50 tonight as this Falcons Defense does not have the bodies to match up.  Take Boise and the Over.

College Football
10:30 PM EST
Rotation # 153
Nevada -13.5 over UNLV (win)
Nevada/UNLV Over 60 (loss)
Last year UNLV stunned Nevada on the road.  The Wolfpack have payback in mind as they head to Las Vegas.  This is a new coaching staff for UNLV and a few of their players had covid and are questionable once again this week.  Nevada is an offensive minded team and in their Air Raid Offense should put up a ton of points against a very young defense.  The Rebels only bring back one every game starter from last year and just have so many new faces on that side of the ball that I don’t think they will keep up.  The UNLV offense will be good for a few scores as they have talent and proved they could score against this team last year, but the new system and their weak defense will eventually be too much to keep pace with the Wolfpack on and this game will get out of hand.  Take Nevada and the Over.