Monday November 2nd VIP Picks

Bucs vs Giants

8:20 PM EST
Rotation #273
Bucs -12.5 over Giants (loss)
Daniel Jones is one of the most sacked QB’s in the league and is asked to do too much for his skill set. Jones continues to lead his team in rushing. That’s a problem if your name is not Lamar Jackson. The Giants Offensive Line gives up way too many sacks. The Tampa Defense is great against the run and great against the pass. This unit gets after the QB and I just don’t see this first year coaching staff having any answers against a truly elite defense. The Bucs should be able to run the ball against this team and Tom Brady should be able to find his targets against a brutal pass defense. Every statistical category in this game favors Tampa. The public is betting the Bucs at a heavy rate which always scares you on Monday Night, but there is nothing and I mean nothing in this game that can allow one to make a case to bet the Giants. Obviously, games are played on the field and not on paper, but I just think the Giants will be behind the chains and turning the ball over all night. Take Tampa.