Monday July 27th VIP Picks

Cubs vs Reds

6:40 PM EST
Rotation #907
Cubs -120 over Reds (win)


We are in uneasy times as the Florida Marlins team having a covid outbreak cancelled two of the games today.  Hopefully the Phillies don’t return any positive cases or we might be in trouble of another suspended season.  Every day is a mystery and I can only assume it will be like that for the next few months.  The Reds had a covid case of their own and a few players felt sick yesterday and missed their game.  Cincinnati has a lot of talent, but they lost a series to a bad baseball team and until they show me something I believe the Cubs are a better play here.  Chicago’s big bats have been silent, but the bottom of the order has been red hot. Once the big bats get going this could be a dangerous team. Take the Cubs.