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    Bob Balfe

    Good luck tonight

    Jeb Frisby

    It seems time changes things.
    I have not given you Con-Grats for hanging on, for 19 yrs.

    You have not always been right with your Plays, but you
    have ALWAYS been Honest with them, THAT’S GOOD.

    When one gets Old & Senile like me, you don’t get every
    thing done in a timely manner. I had to giveup the
    operation to a younger Group, when confined to a Wheelchair.
    Uncle Jeb, ( the Bullshitter ) & Aunt Kate, ( the great Handicapper )
    have expired, ( may God Bless them )

    I still have contact with some of the Trainers, I have known
    for yrs, & my friend in Canada, said for me to take Ottawa
    & the points, & Calgary on the M/L.
    We’ll see how that comes out.—- Take . Care —-

    Bob Balfe

    Thanks Jeb. I hope you are feeling well! Good luck this football season.



    Kc pitt over 46.5


    Mil ml rl
    Balt Ml rl
    Wsox ml rl
    Twins ml rl

    Nascar I added a little on the two lowest odds to make a slight profit if one of them come in

    Larson 7.2/1
    Hamlin 7.5/1
    Logano 9.5/1
    Kurt Busch 11/1
    Erik Jones 16/1
    Blaney 19/1
    Boyer 30/1

    Bob Balfe

    We were in complete total control of cashing this baseball game.
    8 runs by the top of the 5th.
    If it’s any other game on the board it goes over with no issues.
    It really is amazing some of the high percentage plays that come to a complete stop and don’t cash for us.
    Nobody can cool the Phillies off quite like I can when I put them on our board.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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