Week 16 NFL Free Pick

NFL Football
1:00 PM EST
Rotation #119-120
Browns -10 over Bengals
The Cleveland Browns were eliminated from the playoffs last night so you would think that would kill their energy, but what this team has done this year is greater than making the playoffs.  This is an actual football city again.  The Browns are not going to lay and egg now with this young team.  Veteran teams do the tanking when they just miss the playoffs.  As long as Hue Jackson is on that opposing sideline this team is looking to win by 40 points.  The Bengals have no healthy receivers and a backup QB.  The run game is a bright spot for the Bengals, but this is a Cleveland team that is fast in the trenches and should put pressure on the QB and make tackles at the line of scrimmage.  Cleveland playing in their last home game of the year are going to give their fans a show.  This is the first time the Browns have been double digit favorites since 1999.  The Bengals are the worst defense in the league.  This is a statement game for the Browns.  Take Cleveland.