Wednesday May 11th Betting Recap

NBA + MLB  Picks for 5/11/22

9:30 PM EST
Rotation # 509
Warriors -4 over Grizzlies (loss)
The Warriors are the better team in this series, and I can’t see any scenario with Ja Morant not being in the lineup seen as a good thing for the Grizzlies.  There is no way Memphis can match the points needed that Morant gave them.  Take the Warriors.

7:10 PM EST
Rotation # 970
Tigers -125 over A’s (loss)
The Tigers are the worst team in the American League.  The A’s are not too far behind in the standings.  Detroit might be a bad team, but there is nothing as awful as Oakland hitting left-handed pitching.  I believe this is a spot where Detroit gets a rare win.  Take the Tigers