Wednesday March 10th VIP Picks

Syracuse vs NC State

College Basketball
12:00 PM EST
Rotation # 608
Syracuse -2.5 over NC State (win)
“It’s hard to beat a team three times in one year.” Don’t you wish that saying would go away?  It’s statistically not true, Syracuse has the advantage today.  NC State is not a good offensive team because of sloppy play and they have a tough time getting rebounds on defense.  This Wolfpack team turns the ball over more than any other team in this ACC Conference.  Syracuse plays a unique 2-3 zone that gives teams like this nightmares.   Syracuse should be able to dominate the offensive glass which will create second chance points.  NC State will turn the ball over which eliminates first chance points.  Take Syracuse.

College Basketball
6:30 PM EST
Rotation # 650
TCU -3.5 over Kansas State (loss)
This should be a decent game today.  Both of these teams play quality defense, but it’s the offense that held them back this year.    Kansas State concerns me in a few areas as this team turns the ball over way too many times, they don’t defend the three point line well at all and they can’t get defensive rebounds which lead to second chance points for their opponents.   TCU has a little bit more experience and their offense is a little bit better.   The Kansas State freshman that account for 40% of their offense will be much improved next season.  Take TCU.