Tuesday November 2nd Betting Talk

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8:09 PM EST
Rotation #961
Braves +115 over Astros (win)
After that grand slam in game 5 you thought the Astros probably would pack it in, but they responded well and won that game.  Atlanta area fans are thinking here we go yet again with blown leads, but I think Max Fried gets the job done tonight.  Fried was awesome down the stretch and then had a little bit of a hiccup in the the playoffs, but still is an excellent pitcher that can shut down any roster.  Luis Garcia is a young pitcher with not much playoff experience and is coming off of short rest.  I think the Braves are in a better situation tonight.   Things tighten up in big games late in the series so I expect this to be a low scoring game with batters not facing the same pitcher many times in the lineup.  Look for Fried to have a strong start and then for the bullpen to win the world series.  Take Atlanta.