Tuesday January 17th Betting Recap

College Basketball Picks for 1/17/23

College Basketball
7:00 PM EST
Rotation #614
Notre Dame -5.5 over Florida State (loss)
Florida State always has tall teams, but FSU can match them, and they have a more experienced roster. The Irish have better shooters, and their forwards are more talented. Both teams could be better on defense, so when it comes to pure scoring, Notre Dame has the edge. The Irish are much better three-point shooters and should win this game on their home court. Take Notre Dame. 

College Basketball
8:00 PM EST
Rotation #640
Iowa State -2.5 over Texas (win)
Texas has many in-house issues with the firing of their coach Chris Beard. Rodney Terry has done an excellent job in relief on Beard, but they have yet to face a defense like Iowa State brings to the table. The Cyclones did outstanding in the transfer portal and should play amazingly tonight at home. Being a small team, Texas will have a tough time playing against many strong defenders tonight. Take Iowa State.