Thursday May 6th VIP Picks

Nets vs Mavericks

7:30 PM EST
Rotation # 535
Nets -3.5 over Mavericks (loss)
The Nets are a good basketball team that is fading a little bit right now and is in desperate need of a win.  The Mavs go as Luka Doncic goes, but this is a team that can really be off when the three ball isn’t going down for them.  Dallas won the earlier matchup, but Irving and Durant did not play in that game.  Dallas has lost to some bad teams this year and really miss Kristaps Porzingis being on the court.  Look for the Nets to win this game as they are the more talented basketball team that can’t play around in the final few games.  Take the Nets.

9:38 PM EST
Rotation # 920
Angels -130 over Rays (loss)
The Albert Pujols era is over for the Angels.  What a great player he once was, but his age caught up with him. Rumor has it that he is a lot older than the 41 years he is listed at.  This is a team that will go against the struggling Collin McHugh.  McHugh has not pitched many innings and the rest shows.  The Angels have left a lot of runners on in this series and have been plagued by a lot of errors.  I believe this team has the pitching advantage today and can get to McHugh early and often.  Take the Angels.