Thursday December 30th Betting Talk

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College Football 
3:00 PM EST
Rotation #257-258
Tennessee/Purdue Over 66 (win)
Josh Heupel is a NASCAR coach, which is odd to see in the SEC, but it works for him now.  This is a team that will go on many 100-second drives.  The Vols get many possessions that add up to more points over sixty minutes, but it also gives their opponent more opportunities to score.  David Bell won’t play today for Purdue, which is a significant loss, but this team has talented receivers, and the Vols are not great pass defenses to begin with.  Purdue has a good defense, but I think many of the numbers are overinflated due to half the Big ten being terrible on offense.  I think the Vols will move the ball and put up points.  This will be a back and forth game that should get to the total if we can avoid catastrophic turnovers in the red zone area.  Take the Over.