Sunday May 15th Betting Recap

NBA + MLB  Picks for 5/15/22

3:30 PM EST
Rotation # 524
Celtics -5 over Bucks (win)
The Celtics have all the momentum going into game seven.  The Bucks had their chance to close things out the other night, but Jason Tatum was on fire and carried Boston on his back.  The Bucks might get Khris Middleton back today, but I think Boston has the better role players and will use the energy of the home court to win game seven.  Take the Celtics.

4:07 PM EST
Rotation #973
Angels  -130 over A’a (win)
The A’s have been one of the worst home teams in baseball as they can’t hit the baseball to produce much of anything.  The Angels have been hot this season and playing well as of late.  Today is a case of one team having much more talent than the other.  Take the Angels.