Sunday March 24th Betting Recap

Picks for 3/24/24

College Basketball
7:45 PM EST
Rotation # 826
UConn -13.5 over Northwestern (win)
Oddly, the linemakers have UConn as the highest favorite on the board today when their opponent, Northwestern, plays in a much better conference than Utah State, James Madison, Grand Canyon, and Yale. The one thing that jumps out on short turnaround games is Northwesterns lack of a bench. Boo Buie is the Wildcat’s best player, and he is a difference-maker, but he can’t beat the Huskies alone. The Wildcats are also the worst rebounding team left in the tournament. Both teams play at slower tempos, but it would be in the Huskies’ best interest to speed the game up and get a few guys in foul trouble. The Huskies are the superior program that should win this game wire-to-wire. Tristen Newton is the best player on the court and will lead his team to the Sweet Sixteen. Take UConn.

College Basketball
9:40 PM EST
Rotation # 838
San Diego State -5.5 over Yale (win)
San Diego State played a challenging schedule this year and is the superior team. Yale might be the least talented team left in the tournament. Viewers love upsets, but I wonder if we will see another significant one in this tournament. The Aztecs have a veteran squad equipped to grind their way to the Sweet Sixteen and possibly beyond. Jaedon Ledee will be the best player on the court who should score at the rim, grab rebounds, and, most importantly, get to the foul line. Look for the Aztecs to continue on their journey back to the NCAA Championship Game. Take San Diego State.