Sunday January 17th VIP Picks

Packers vs Rams

3:05 PM EST
Rotation #305-306
Browns/Chiefs Over 57 (loss)
I was originally going to take Cleveland and the Over, but I just don’t trust this Browns Defense which was awful this year.  The Browns had 3-4 high wind games that really slowed down opposing scoring or we are talking about a historically bad defense.   The Chiefs are well rested and I don’t think we can put too much stock into Patrick Mahomes mini struggle at the end of the year.  Cleveland can certainly compete in this game because they are the more physical team.  The Browns are going to run the ball which will set up Baker Mayfield to work his magic.  This is the best offensive line in football so this team isn’t going to just roll over.  Kansas City is not good at stopping the run and they are the worst in the league at red zone defense.  The Browns are bad against the pass and do expect the Chiefs to hit them early and often.  It’s tempting to take Cleveland here and I don’t think they get blown out, but all it takes is 2 minutes of Mahomes magic and you are down big.   I have been so impressed with how Cleveland has turned the corner this year as a team and young coaching staff.  Look for both teams to do enough to make this high scoring.  Take the Over.

6:40 PM EST
Rotation #308
Saints -3 over Bucs (loss)
We are coming to the end of the Drew Brees era.  His next loss will be his last game.  This team is equipped to win a title and the window is closing.   The Bucs on the other hand signed Brady to put fans in the seats and to make cash.  The pandemic put a stop to that, but next year the city will be bumping with fans in what probably will be the last year for Brady as well.  The Saints dominated the series this season.  The week 9 win was complete domination and that was on the road.  My pick process also comes down to this very simple statement.  Sean Payton is a MUCH better coach than Bruce Arians.   This Saints coaching staff has been together for a long time and should win at home giving Drew Brees a chance to get to the Super Bowl next week in Green Bay.  Take the Saints.