Sunday February 7th VIP Picks

Super Bowl LV Bucs vs Chiefs

NFL Super Bowl Pick
6:30 PM EST Sunday
Chiefs/Buccaneers Over 56 (loss)
 Let’s start by rewinding back to week 12.  The Chiefs came into Tampa and did not allow the Bucs to cross midfield for the first 25 minutes of the game.  That was probably the worst half of football Tampa played all year.  Kansas City doesn’t have the best defense so I believe the issues were more on the Bucs side.  Tampa has since gotten much better on offense and as you know the playoffs are a different animal.  One thing that I love about both coaches is they are not afraid to take shots down the field and are aggressive in nature.  In the first matchup there were a ton of points left off the board by both teams.  Kansas City really should have run Tampa out of town in the first half as Tyreek Hill could not be covered.  I believe the Bucs will focus more attention on Hill which will leave a lot of other options wide open.   The Bucs on the other hand are playing in the first Super Bowl in their home building so that has to give them some kind of small advantage.  We are not going to play the side in this game.  I say this all the time and will say it again.  This is just another game with a fancy title to it and just another bet.  I believe Tom Brady and the Bucs are going to start faster in this game.  I also believe that Patrick Mahomes is the next long term super star in this league.  Tom Brady has nothing to prove anymore, but if he wins in his first year with the Bucs there can’t ever be any doubt on who the greatest QB of all time is.  Both teams have so many offensive weapons and I believe this is going to be a shootout from the opening minute.  This game will get close in the end and I think it’s just too hard to predict the winner. Tampa is the better team in the trenches, but the mobility and playmaking from Mahomes can’t be stopped.  Hopefully in closing time this will be such a high scoring game that we will already be in the money.  It’s been an outstanding year in football and we are on pace to have a big basketball season as well.  I thank you for being a part of the team this year.  Take the Over.  Enjoy the game.