Sunday December 12th Betting Talk

Predictions NFL Tips

1:00 PM EST
Rotation #115 
Falcons +2.5 over Panthers (win)
There are too many unknowns for the Panthers to be favorites today.  Cam Newton has not looked up to NFL quality and Christian McCaffrey being out is a massive blow to this offensive.  Atlanta doesn’t have the best passing defense, but can Cam take advantage?  I don’t think he can for four quarters.  Today, the Panthers have a few men out on the offensive line, making moving the ball even harder.  Matt Ryan is still a capable QB in this league, and the Falcons have many options at running back.   Take Atlanta.

4:05 PM EST
Rotation #122
Broncos -11.5 over Lions (win)
The Lions got an emotional win at the horn last week to ensure they won’t go 0-17 this year.  This week has been a challenge because it appears covid has done a number on this team, and honestly, it’s not looking like they can field a team.  The Lion’s offensive line is banged up, and I don’t see them being competitive at all on the road.  There is a reason why vegas pumped up this line.  This game has nothing to do with the opponent.  The Bronco’s offense is nothing to write home about, but they should take advantage of short fields and defensive scores at home.  The Lions have a hard enough time at full strength.  This entire team is depleted at every significant position, so I don’t see them being competitive.  Take the Broncos.

4:25 PM EST
Rotation #126
Bucs -3.5 over Bills (win)
The Bills are coming off a short week in which the Patriots ran the ball right at them, and Buffalo couldn’t stop them.  This team’s confidence isn’t very high right now, and a game like that takes a lot out of players just by the raw cold weather.  Buffalo has to turn around and get ready for a talented Tampa team on both sides of the ball.  Tom Brady has most of his weapons on offense today and should take advantage of a Bills secondary that will be without TreDavious White for the rest of the year.  Take the Bucs.

8:20 PM EST
Rotation #127
Bears +12.5 over Packers (loss)
This year, the Packers are the best team in the NFL against the spread and are big favorites tonight at home.  Aaron Rogers owns this team, but you know the Chicago defense is looking to hit him in the chin a few times by the pure disrespect he showed against them screaming, “I own you.”  The Bears are not a bad football team.  This is a squad with a lot of talent, and if they had a capable QB, it would be half decent.  Justin Fields is not the best passer in the world, but he does move the chains with his legs and can keep this game close.  Take the Bears