Saturday September 10th Betting Recap

College Football Picks for 9/10/22

College Football
3:30 PM EST
Rotation #349
Memphis -4.5 over Navy (win)
There is a rule I try to live by, which is don’t go against Military Schools.  We will break that rule today as the Navy has one of their worst teams.  Three top running backs are gone from last year, and only one of their top 5 tacklers is back on their defense from a year ago.  The Midshipmen had trouble with Delaware the previous week as their offense will take a few weeks to get going.  Memphis returns six top eight receivers from last year and all their running backs.  The Tigers bring back four of their top five tacklers, and the key here is they have beaten Navy a few times in a row.  The Tigers’ defense has seen this triple offense threat as they play them in conference every year.  Seth Henigan is back at quarterback and should find holes in the Navy defense.  Take Memphis.

College Football
6:00 PM EST
Rotation #371
Kansas +13.5 over West Virginia (win)
Kansas was a two-win school last year, but we saw them progress.  Jason Bean and Jalon Daniels are back as duel quarterbacks, and this unit brings back seven of their eight receivers from last year.  Kansas also brings back their top running back and seven of their top eleven tacklers from a year ago.  West Virginia played a great opener against Pitt and blew it at the end, but this team has many turnovers.  WVU brings back four of their top eight receiving targets from a year ago, and they lose their best running back.  The defensive side will struggle this year as their top five tacklers from last year are gone.  TJ Daniels is an excellent addition for WVU but might be too pumped up in his first home game.  I think the Jayhawks can keep this game close.  Take Kansas.

College Football
10:15 PM EST
Rotation #403-404
Baylor/BYU Under 53.5 (win)
The game between schools last year at Baylor was an excellent game dominated by the Bears.  If you look at the box score from that game, you will find that almost every playmaker has graduated.  Baylor only brings back three of their top eight targets from last year, so I believe they will rely on the run.  BYU will be down to three of their top eight targets from last year, with two key receivers out for this game.  I believe both defenses are ahead of the offenses right now, especially this early season.  I don’t see many marquee playmakers in this game that will make this high scoring.  Take the Under.