Saturday May 8th VIP Picks

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10:00 PM EST
Rotation # 573
Nets -4 over Nuggets (win)
The Nets are rested going against a team that played a tough game last night.  Denver has a lot of injuries and they are not playing the best defense.  You can say the same about Brooklyn, but there is something about this line that is begging people to take the Nuggets.   Durant and Irving need to spread the ball around more.  This team is going to be just fine when Harden returns, but every slot they move up is crucial for playoff standings.  Brooklyn plays a lot of hero ball, but tonight I think it works against a banged up team.  Take the Nets.

6:10 PM EST
Rotation # 907
Brewers -120 over Marlins (win)
Lady Luck has not been kind to the Brewers the last few games.  This team was swept by the Phillies in 4 games, but hit the ball better than the Phillies did.  This team also gave up a monster grand slam last night.  Milwaukee has the better pitcher on the mound because the Marlins have not even listed one yet as of 10am est.  This team is in a slump and needs a win in the worst way.  We will go action on this game and take the Brewers.  This is a looking like a bullpen game for the Marlins.  Milwaukee must respond.  Take the Brewers. 

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