Saturday May 15th VIP Picks

Predictions NBA Tips

8:00 PM EST
Rotation # 525-526
Heat/Bucks Under 232 (win)
The Heat can be a dangerous team if they keep up their recent offensive explosion.  Milwaukee knows just how dangerous this team can be in the playoffs dating back to last year.  As the season concludes I think both teams are not trying to tip their hand that much in case they meet again in the playoffs.  This is a high total and I just don’t know if we won’t get that one quarter where both teams play vanilla offense and score in the low 20’s.  Look for a lower scoring game.  Take the Under.

7:00 PM EST
Rotation # 953
Braves -115 over Brewers (win)
It is the Anderson vs Anderson show.  Both teams have a lot of similarities outside of the pitchers having the same last name.  The offenses for these teams have been weak and the bullpens have struggled at times.  I give the advantage to the Braves today because Ian Anderson is a better strike out pitcher.  Brett Anderson gets his outs through contact, but it’s a matter of time before his ERA spikes.  The Braves will be a lot better baseball team once they stop allowing teams to score in the 8th and 9th innings.  Take Atlanta.