Saturday March 13th VIP Picks

Wichita State vs Cincinnati

College Basketball
3:00 PM EST
Rotation #610
Wichita State -4 over Cincinnati  (loss)
Wichita State had an interim coach this year in Isaac Brown who then earned his way to now be the regular full time coach of the Shockers.  I thought this team would dip off after Gregg Marshall left, but maybe the pixie dust of his recruiting is left over and we will judge Brown based on his recruits in the future.  This team will be better when they force turnovers and share the ball a little more.  Cincinnati doesn’t have a great offense this year and they also are bad behind the three point line.  The American Conference is all about defense, but they are middle of the road when it comes to that as well.  I think the Shockers are the better team and they have a few really clutch players.  Look for this team to be up big in three point differential.  The Shockers don’t give the ball away enough for Cincinnati to make up the difference.  Take Wichita State.

College Basketball
6:00 PM EST
Rotation #616
Texas -1.5 over Oklahoma State (win)
Mike Boynton is the real coach of the year.  This team does not have the experience to be doing what they are doing now, but they are doing it!  Cade Cunningham is amazing and I really do think this team could cut down the nets in the NCAA Tournament.  The bad news is they are young and they just played a peak out game by beating Baylor.  It’s so hard to comeback the very next day and match that energy against a Texas team that got an absolute gift by not having to play a game yesterday because Kansas dropped out with covid.   Texas is a veteran team that should be able to take advantage of the aggressive play of the Cowboys and to get a few points off of turnovers.  This team has a lot of juniors and seniors who want to win the BIG 12 Title and have experience and the calm nature to handle the nerves today. I like the Longhorns on the glass and they certainly have the offensive and defensive talent to win this championship and the talent to make