Saturday March 11th Betting Recap

College Basketball Picks for 3/11/23

College Basketball
6:30 PM EST
Rotation #627
Xavier +1.5 over Marquette (loss)
Xavier/Marquette Over 153.5 (loss)
Marquette is the 6th ranked team in America, and Xavier is #15. We will be treated to a Sweet Sixteen type of game this evening. Marquette is very young, with not one upperclassman that plays significant minutes. Imagine if they all decided to stay another year or two. Xavier has the experience and size advantage. Both teams have not had a day off the last few games, and that’s where the experience comes into play. Both teams shoot the three-pointer well but play awful when defending the three-pointer. I believe tonight’s game will turn into a high-scoring three-point shooting contest. Look for Souley Boum to shoot a lot of three-pointers and for the Musketeers to get the win. Take Xavier and the Over.

College Basketball
8:30 PM EST
Rotation #634
Florida Atlantic +1.5 over UAB (win)
Florida Atlantic has a good chance of making the NCAA Tournament even if they lose today, but why leave it to chance? UAB is a great basketball team, but FAU is a true dark horse team in the NCAA Tournament. The Owls play a deep rotation where you must know which player will beat you. Did you know that FAU has the best bench in the entire country? Both teams are tired from playing three nights in a row, so having points off the bench is huge. The Owls are an excellent program and could pull a few upsets in the NCAA Tournament. Take Florida Atlantic

College Basketball
10:30 PM EST
Rotation #637
Arizona +1.5 over UCLA (win)
UCLA is ranked second in America, while Arizona is the 8th ranked team. Tonight’s game will have an elite eight-type feel to it. Arizona has the size advantage tonight, which could mean a lot since both teams are tired after playing the last few nights. UCLA relies on super-star talent but seriously needs more bench points. If Arizona can slow down Jaime Jaquez and Tyger Campbell, they have a perfect shot at the upset. Look for Azuolas Tubelis and Oumar Bello to dominate with their significant size advantage. Take Arizona.