Saturday January 9th VIP Picks

Colts vs Bills

1:05 PM EST
Rotation #141
Colts +6.5 over Bills (win)
The Bills have been on fire, but until Josh Allen gets his first playoff win there will be the nerves that maybe make him do just too much on offense and force a couple turnovers.  Indianapolis is great at taking the ball away so all it takes is one mistake.  I also question if this team can bury the Colts as they don’t run the ball much so will they be able to finish off a tight game without giving the Colts another shot or two to put up points late.  Phillip Rivers has the experience edge here and the offensive line has been making great lanes for Jonathan Taylor to run the ball.  If Derek Henry was never born this is the guy we would be talking about non-stop.  The Bills are nursing a few injuries on offense as well.  I do think Buffalo is the better team, but the Colts have the coaching and the talent to keep this close and certainly have enough to pull the upset.  I think there is value with the dog.  Take Indianapolis.

4:40 PM EST
Rotation #143
Rams +3 Seahawks (win)
Rams/Seahawks Over 42 (win)

Jared Goff practiced this week and I just can’t see him not playing this game.  The bottom 15 defensive teams all missed the playoffs EXCEPT for the Seahawks.  This is not a team that scares me when it comes to pressuring the QB.  Andrew Whitworth returns on the offensive line today for the Rams so they get a huge boost there.  Seattle has a few guys in the secondary that are nursing injury and I think the Rams come out early today and get on the scoreboard.  Russell Wilson is always going to work his magic, but the Rams Cornerbacks can get the better of the Seahawks receivers.  Seattle can run the ball to soften up the defensive coverage and I do think Wilson leads them to scores, but I don’t think it will be as easy of a time that the Rams have.  Take the Rams and the Over.

College Basketball 
12:00 PM EST
Rotation #607
Alabama -5 over Auburn (loss)
Auburn is a one trick pony.  Good veteran teams like Alabama will run them off the three point line or make them take low percentage shots from downtown.  I just don’t think this young team can compete in the SEC with good quality teams like this. Alabama has great guard play with John Petty simply being the best player on the floor today.  Take Alabama. 


College Basketball 
1:00 PM EST
Rotation #625
Texas +1.5 over WVU (win)
WVU got a huge come from behind win against Oklahoma State, but they should have never been down in the first place by that much.  This team has gone to a smaller lineup which I fully expect Texas to take advantage of.  The Longhorns are experienced and well coached.  WVU is just too sloppy for my liking in competitive games and simply refuse to play 2 quality halves of basketball.  Take Texas.


College Basketball 
4:30 PM EST
Rotation #705
Oklahoma +7 over Kansas (win)
Kansas doesn’t lose at home, but in a pandemic year with limited crowds they have been blown out and just don’t have the offensive firepower needed to be considered the best team in the Big 12.  I am sure coach Self will get them there come March, but as of right now Oklahoma is a better basketball team from top to bottom and should no way be underdogs of this size.  Take Oklahoma.