Saturday January 2nd VIP Picks

Kentucky vs NC State

College Football
12:00 PM EST
Rotation #492
Kentucky -1.5 over NC State (win)
Kentucky is a 4-6 team and yet they are the favorite over NC State who finished 8-3.  Why is that?  For starters this NC State team is as undisciplined as they come.  I have not seen a team beat themselves with foolish penalties more than this current team.  The Wolfpack also are on their second option at QB in Bailey Hockman as Devin Leary is still nursing his shin injury from a few weeks ago.  This NC State team can’t run the ball and today will face a team with veteran players in the trenches.  Kentucky is not as good as the top teams in the SEC so they are always going to have a poor record.  NC State is missing their leading tackler in Payton Wilson.  Wilson lead the ACC in tackles so his absence will be missed against a good running football team where tackling is key.  NC State is also without Drake Thomas so their linebackers are thin and in the secondary Tanner Ingle will miss due to multiple targeting calls this year.  There is a lot of good tackling that won’t be on the field today.  Kentucky should play ball control offense by running the ball and Terry Wilson should go out a winner at QB to finish up his long career with the Wildcats in celebration.  Take Kentucky.

College Football
12:30 PM EST
Rotation #494
Indiana -10 over Ole Miss (loss)
Jack Tuttle is making his second start so it’s not always the best move on the surface to take lay so many points especially when the opposing QB is having a great year, but the Ole Miss Offense is limited today with injuries and opt outs.  Ole Miss lost about 70% of their offensive production to injury and opt out so this is like the Florida team the other night.  Indiana has a great defense that is underrated.  This is a team that is mad at their conference for not finding them a better bowl game and are looking to pound somebody.  Ole Miss has a poor defense and there is no way of being able to do much to cover that up once the game starts.  Indiana is going to get their points today and the Rebels on offense are going to take a step back with the lack of weapons they are used to having.  Over the course of 60 minutes Indiana will be up on the scoreboard and their defense will create more points when Ole Miss tries to make a comeback and force throws down the field.  Take Indiana.

College Basketball
12:00 PM EST
Rotation #609
Missouri +7 over Arkansas (win)
Missouri returns just about everyone from their team last year.  Arkansas cleaned house and brought in a bunch of transfers.  This team had a very easy schedule so far and are not nearly as good as their record.  Justin Smith got injured in the last game at Auburn so this team is shorthanded.  Missouri getting 7 points is a generous line.  I believe the Tigers have the camaraderie to be able to win this game outright over a team just getting used to playing together.  Take Missouri.

College Basketball
3:00 PM EST
Rotation #672
Texas A&M -1.5 over Auburn (win)
Auburn is going to struggle this year as they simply don’t have the talent to win games unless they hit 15 three pointers a game.  Buzz Williams is too good of a coach to allow Auburn to play their one trick pony of an offense and will take away that three point line.  This is an experienced Aggies team that should take care of business at home. Take Texas A&M.