Saturday February 22nd VIP Picks

NCAA Basketball Betting Picks

NCAA Basketball
1:00 PM EST
Rotation #614
Ball State -6 over Eastern Michigan (win)
Both teams had similar seasons.  The one advantage EMU has is superior size, but in some cases that can work against you.  The Eagles just don’t have great athletic players to match that advantage.  This is an experienced basketball team that has a lot of junior college players on it.  Ball State has more experience playing together and will take advantage of the speed advantage they have as an undersized club.  Eastern Michigan is not a team that I like on the road because they don’t have the ability to share the basketball enough and are not the best of shooters.  Take Ball State.

NCAA Basketball
4:30 PM EST
Rotation #694
Bowling Green -5 over Ohio (loss)
Bowling green has the advantage on every single front today.  This is a team  has the experience edge and the skill edge.  The Falcons will look to take advantage of a program with a Jeff Boals taking over knowing it will take a few seasons for him to get the guys he wants in recruiting.   This is a very young Ohio team and I don’t like their chances today on the road against a superior basketball team.  
Take Bowling Green.

NCAA Basketball
10:00 PM EST
Rotation #779
UC Irvine -5 over CS Northridge (win)
When you take a road team you have to be sure they are the more talented team across the board because home court advantage is huge in college hoops.  UC Irvine has the size, the experience and the overall talent edge.  Mark Gottfried is a good coach, but still is going to need time to get the roster of his liking.  UC Irvine has won 10 straight and has the confidence meter in their favor as they are expected to beat this team.  Cal State Northridge is getting close as they smartly protect the basketball, but I don’t think the are quite there yet with overall talent.   Take UC Irvine. 

NCAA Basketball
10:00 PM EST
Rotation #785
UC Riverside -3.5 over Cal Poly (win)
Cal Poly has a totally new lineup from last year.  This is a team that brought in a lot of transfers and freshman.  UC Riverside has a lot of upperclassmen leadership and they play excellent defense.    The Highlanders have the size, experience and skill advantage which showed just a few weeks ago when they beat the breaks off this team.  I look for a similar performance on the road against this Cal Poly team with a new coach and no real home-court advantage.  
Take UC Riverside.