Saturday December 26th VIP Picks

Dolphins vs Raiders

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #462
Raiders +3 over Dolphins (win)
There was no Hawaii Bowl this year, but this could be it as Tua Tagovailoa starts for the Dolphins and Marcus Mariota could get the start for the Raiders.  It might not be a big deal to us, but people in Hawaii are pumped for this game!   The Dolphins are the best team in the NFL against the spread and if you bet them since the middle of last year every game you would be 20-6.  This team has been cashing big time tickets and all the money in the world is on the today, but they have some serious offensive issues.  The Raiders Defense is weak, but Miami is down so many offensive starters and Tua is still a rookie.  60 minutes is a long time and over the course of that time the Raiders will put up offensive points.  I am just not convinced Miami can do it.  The Dolphins are also a little banged up on the offensive line.  Vegas needs a miracle to make the playoffs, but at the very least they want to take teams down with them and you are never eliminated until you are officially eliminated.  I love what the Dolphins have been doing on defense, but I don’t think their offense will do enough to get a road win.  Take Las Vegas.