Saturday December 25th Betting Talk

Predictions NFL Tips

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #456
Cardinals -2 over Colts (loss)
There has been no secret that the Cardinals have struggled with some head-scratching losses.  This has been a wacky year across the board in the NFL for sure.  The Cardinals are a little healthier, and I like them today in their home building.  Kyler Murray should crank things up and put points on the board.  I like Arizona because the Colts will be missing three starters on the offensive line.  It will be harder to run the ball, and then with crowd noise, you will see the delay and holding calls.  Carson Wentz has done well at managing the game, but I don’t think he will be able to go out with his arm and win it with 60% of his line out of place.  This will be a get-back good game for the home team.  Take the Cardinals.