Saturday April 10th VIP Picks

Lakers vs Nets 

8:30 PM EST
Rotation #522
Nets -11.5 over Lakers (loss)
The Lakers are a stacked basketball team when healthy, but they spend all of their money on talented players most of which are all injured right now.  This means you can’t really afford deep bench talent.  The Nets have been great this year and I just don’t think the Lakers will be able to keep up with the talent starters on the Brooklyn side.  Take the Nets.

7:07 PM EST
Rotation #922
Blue Jays -125 over Angels (win)

The Blue Jays have been having issues with scoring runs, but tonight they should get a great pitching performance from Steven Matz who was great in spring training.  Jose Quintana was also very good this spring, but he allowed a lot of walks and also did the same in his first start this year.  Matz is the better pitcher in this contest.  If the Blue Jays can’t win in high scoring games the must indeed win the lower scoring pitching duels or it will be a very long season.  Take Toronto.