Monday September 20th VIP Picks

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8:15 PM EST 
Rotation #298
Packers -11.5 over Lions (win)
Double digit favorites are risky in the NFL.  The last few years just taking the dog seems to be of good value, but tonight’s game presents a unique matchup.  The Packers looked awful week 1 against the Saints, but you can’t go by what you saw last week.  There is so Aaron Rodgers drama that has Packers fans concerned, but this is a divisional game and Green Bay is going against a brand new coaching staff.  It’s hard to get wins for new staffs and primetimes games are different animals which make it even harder.  Detroit is hurting at offensive line with Taylor Decker out.  This offensive line unit just isn’t very good and has no depth.  The running game is new and D’Andre Swift is nagged by a groin injury.  You have to be able to run the ball on the road and I just don’t think this unit is up to that this early in the year.  The Packers are looking to get on the board this year with a win and have so many weapons on offense that I don’t see this Lions Defense being able to hang in this game.  This team is not very good and they don’t have any depth.  The crowd noise will be intense and over the course of 4 quarters the Packers should pull away and win big.  Take Green Bay.