Monday October 4th Betting Talk

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NFL Football
8:15 PM EST
Rotation #279
Raiders +3.5 over Chargers (loss)
Brandon Staley is a young 39 year old head coach that got a huge road win last week in his first divisional game against the Chiefs.  In the first four weeks we have now seen that Kansas City can’t stop anybody on defense and we can’t compare this Chiefs team to last year.  The Raiders and the Jon Gruden staff are ahead of the Chargers staff by pure default.  This is the Chargers 4th game together with new coordinators and new coaches.  I refuse to believe that you just run through your division with no hiccups when you are a young staff.  The Raiders might get Josh Jacobs back tonight, but it’s been their passing game that has been impressive.  This team has already played and performed well in primetime.  This is the Chargers first primetime game with this new staff.  Once again I just don’t trust young QBs with young staffs on this stage. Justin Herbert might be a super star in this league over the next decade, but he still is young and has a new coordinator this year.   There will be enough Vegas fans in attendance to negate the would be home crowd advantage.   Take the Raiders.