Monday October 25th Betting Talk

Predictions NBA Tips

8:20 PM EST
Rotation #474
Seahawks +4 over Saints (win)
I would like to take the Under here, but as you know there are always penalties on MNF so refs can get on TV and big pass interference calls can put quick points on the board.  The game plan tonight for Seattle should be clear.  Everybody keep their eyes on Alvin Kamara and play a coverage on defense where you don’t get beat deep.  The Saints are down a lot of receivers this season so the passing game doesn’t scare me much.   Seattle impressed me last week with their massive offensive line opening up holes for this running game.  I think Seattle is better in the trenches tonight.  Five of the seven starters in the Saints front seven never started again until this year.  I believe Seattle will be able to move the ball tonight on the ground and Geno Smith will play another solid game.  Seattle is a tough place to play and yet they have yet to win a game at home this year.  I believe their fans will be wild tonight which will give them a big advantage when on defense.  The Seahawks are a desperate team right now and needs this win to have a shot to stay in any playoff hunt down the stretch.  Take Seattle.