Monday October 11th Betting Talk

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7:07 PM EST
Rotation #955-956
Rays/Red Sox Over 9 (win)
I am not a fan of 5 game series.  I believe every series should be 7 games so the team that won more games can get a full home advantage with the pitchers they want to use.  The Rays have the talent to win the world series, but all it takes is one or two flukes to go the other way much like last nights ground rule double to end your season.  Boston is a unique place to play as this Red Sox team crushes the ball at home more than any other team does in their own buildings.  Boston might just get by in this game.  I think both teams are gearing up their best pitchers for a possible Game 5 so tonight I believe we see runs and a lot of pitchers being used out of the bullpen.  Take the Over.