Monday November 8th Betting Talk

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8:15 PM EST
Rotation #476
Steelers -7 over Bears (loss)
At the halfway point of the season the average gambler has fallen in love with the underdogs and for good reason.  The Underdogs are hitting a 58% clip this year, but these trends always even out.  Sunday was the most unpredictable day I can remember in a long time and while it’s great for the average fan it makes bettors scratch their head how a team can be so good one week and so bad the next against really bad competition.  The Steelers are a lot like the Chiefs in regards to their better days seeming to be well behind them, but I look at the Bears tonight with a rookie QB and down to their 4th option at running back this year who also is a rookie.  The running backs who are still hurt are all excellent at catching out of the backfield and I am not really sold on their tight ends.   Matt Nagy also almost always lays an egg in prime time games.  This game is simple to me.  If Justin Fields and Khalil Herbert can come into a loud building and win on the road you simply tip the cap to them and accept the loss.  Fields has looked OK at times, but he is not exactly a deep threat with his arm yet and with so many running backs hurt I just don’t see them moving up and down the field tonight.  All it takes is one big mistake and rookies are more likely to make those mistakes.  Take the Steelers.