Monday November 1st Betting Talk

Predictions NFL Tips

8:15 PM EST
Rotation #278
Chiefs -10.5 over Giants (loss)
Typically we stay away from MNF games and lines like this because on this night of the week the weirdest things happen.  This is a Chiefs team that has lost a lot of people money this year. as they are one of the worst teams against the spread so the public money isn’t really that heavy on them tonight.  The Giants got beat up badly by the Rams two weeks ago and have been hit harder than any other team in the league with the injury bug.  I was really impressed with the GMen winning last week against Carolina, but they didn’t really light up the offensive statistics like the final score might indicate.  This is a 
depleted Giants offense and I honestly can’t see them keeping up tonight.  Kansas City needs a get right game and have drawn the perfect opponent at home in front of the entire nation.  The Giants don’t have the running game to take advantage of the Chiefs inability to stop the run.  Take Kansas City.