Monday January 13th VIP Picks

College Football Championship Pick

College Football 
8:00 PM EST
Rotation #283-284
Clemson +5 over LSU (loss)

What an exciting football match up tonight between two powerhouse football teams.  When it gets this late in the year picking these games sometimes comes down to one bounce going your way or not going your way.  I love how LSU has played this year.  The crowd will be tipped more in the favor of LSU and they have the best player in the game this year with Joe Burrow.  Both head coaches are elite and both defensive coordinators are elite.  It’s interesting to see the two top paid defensive coordinators involved in a football game that the total is in the high 60’s.  It goes to show you how explosive both offenses are.  The main key in this game isn’t even a player on the field.  Brett Venables has been such an amazing defensive coordinator bringing pressure that would confused even the best of NFL Offensive Lines.  I don’t think Joe Burrow is going to be as comfortable in the pocket as some might think tonight.  Trevor Lawrence has never lost a football game and this Clemson team is still the kings of college football until someone knocks them off.  Everything is elite about these two programs, but I do think the LSU Defense is the weak link and we have seen some average teams put up big numbers.  Clemson has been outstanding on defense all season long.  I like our value here getting 5 points.  This is going to be a fantastic finish to a very entertaining college football season.  Take Clemson.