Monday April 5th VIP Picks

Baylor vs Gonzaga

NCAA Basketball Title Game
9:20 PM EST
Rotation #811
Baylor +4.5 over Gonzaga (win)
We are in for a treat tonight as the highly anticipated matchup between Gonzaga and Baylor actually played itself out.  Baylor is just about flawless as a team.  The only weakness the Bears have is they are not great rebounders on the defensive glass, but Gonzaga is really not superior at grabbing offensive rebounds.  You have to forget everything you saw last and really focus on conferences.  Baylor was the best team from the best conference in basketball.  Gonzaga plays in the WCC which had their best run ever in a calendar year, but this is still not an elite conference.  90% of the teams in this conference wouldn’t beat the worst Big 12 team.  Gonzaga is great and I take nothing away from them, but they are not an undefeated team if they play night after night in the Big 12.   Scott Drew and Mark Few are great coaches that are worthy of a title.  Mark Few has been to the mountain top and lost in this final game.  Gonzaga has been so close and as a fan I really want this team to win tonight.  As a handicapper, I just think Baylor is too experienced and has the physical edge.  Height in basketball means a lot, but so does weight.  These teams might be the same size, but Baylor has players with serious meat on their bones and in a street fight would devour this team.  This is a football team on a basketball court.  Most teams are lucky to have 2 good guards.  Both teams have 4 of them.  This is going to be a heck of a game that I think will be close.  When it’s late in the year and there is only one game to choose from it gets really hard to find any value with the only game on the board.  Let’s hope for a buzzer beater like we saw the other night!  Thanks for being with me this basketball season.  What a year it has been!  Take Baylor.