Friday October 22nd Betting Talk

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8:08 PM EST
Rotation #922
Astros -115 over Red Sox (win)
The Red Sox dominated this series and like a light switch the bats went cold and Houston now has the lead.  Fenway was a park they hit the ball well in this year and couldn’t win crucial games to end the series or at least hold the advantage.  All of the momentum is now with Houston and Nathan Eovaldi being out of his regular rotation can’t help.  Eovaldi came in  to pitch game four in the 9th inning and that is where the wheels feel off.  It looked like the Red Sox were out of the inning with a great pitch that was not called strike 3.  In that inning Boston gave up 7 runs and the Astros never looked back.  I like the home team Astros here.  Take Houston.