Friday March 19th VIP Picks

Arkansas vs Colgate

College Basketball 
12:45 PM EST
Rotation #736
Arkansas -8.5 over Colgate (win)
Arkansas/Colgate Over 162 (loss)

Colgate played the same 3 teams the entire year.  The teams they played were slower tempo teams that Colgate just ran over.  One team in Bucknell that was a faster tempo team had that game end at 180 points.  Arkansas is basically playing their B team in practice.  This team plays at the same pace as Colgate and they have bigger and stronger athletes.  This is going to be an entertaining game, but I question Colgate not being tested this year at all.  This team played as weak of a schedule as it gets.  Earlier in the year when Arkansas was just getting familiar with each other Colgate might have been able to outpace them, but this Razorback team caught fire this year and has massive success in a much stronger conference.  I think the odds makers gave Colgate way too much respect based on their overall record.  Arkansas should take control of this game and blow this team out.  Take Arkansas and the Over.

College Basketball
:00 PM EST
Rotation #740
Ohio State -15.5 over Oral Roberts (loss)
Ohio State/Oral Roberts Over 157 (loss)

Ohio State was one of the best offenses in the country,.  This is a team that can knock down the three ball and they don’t beat themselves with turnovers.  One flaw Ohio State had was their defense, but remember they played a top level schedule.  I think Oral Roberts will get their points today more so because I think the Buckeyes are going to blow their defenses out of the gym and won’t really need to play defense.    Oral Roberts has the worst adjusted defense out of all the teams in the NCAA Tournament.  This team will get some three pointers to go down, but I just can’t see Ohio State not hitting 100 points in this game.  I give Oral Roberts credit for scheduling a tough non-conference schedule which will help them at least get up for this game and compete on offense, but at the end of the day I don’t think they will be able to get many stops.  Take Ohio State and the Over.

College Basketball 
7:10 PM EST
Rotation #727
Wisconsin +1.5 over North Carolina (win)
Wisconsin was a great team in the BIG 10 last year and brought back just about all of their talent this year.  I honestly was shocked at how they just don’t look like the same team being a year more mature.  This team did have a really tough schedule and they still do have a ton of experience playing against a UNC team that is starting to figure it out, but they themselves were not even a lock to make the tournament until the final few weeks of the season.  Wisconsin runs a slow pace and are the veteran team in this spot which could fluster UNC.  The Tar Heels are a team that turns it over a lot and do not really hit the three point shot that well.  The Badgers should win this game with patience and executing better fundamentals.  Take Wisconsin.

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