Friday March 10th Betting Recap

College Basketball Picks for 3/10/23

College Basketball
6:30 PM EST
Rotation #845
UConn -3.5 over Marquette (loss)
Some coaches don’t care about the conference tournament and want to get their team ready for the NCAA Tournament, but once you get to the later stages of the conference weekend, you are all in. UConn has all the tools to be a final-four team, while Marquette is far from being there despite being an excellent basketball team. Marquette jacked up a lot of three-pointers this year and, last night, needed all of them to ensure Villanova wouldn’t make a comeback. UConn has an excellent three-point defense and an outstanding defensive team. The Huskies are among the rare teams that excel at the highest levels of offense and defense. Take UConn.

College Basketball
7:00 PM EST
Rotation #850
Miami +2.5 over Duke (loss)
Duke always has a fantastic program, but as we get into the later stages of the ACC Tournament, we will see coaching has a lot to do with results. Jim Larranaga is a far more experienced coach than Jon Scheyer, and Miami will try to hit the Blue Devils with pace. Duke is an outstanding defensive team, but I wonder if they can match the intensity the Hurricanes will bring. I will give the edge to a more experienced and aggressive team today. Look for Isaiah Wong and Jordan Miller to take over the game. Take Miami.