Friday July 24th VIP Picks

Twins vs. White Sox

8:10 PM EST
Rotation #967
Twins -120 over White Sox (win)


The Minnesota Twins were homerun machines last year and the addition of Josh Donaldson is going to make them even more powerful.  The AL Central will be fun to watch this year.  Early in the season starting pitching is a big concern for Minnesota.  This game is very important for them to win because their rotation has injuries, suspension and older pitchers and with a loss tonight they easily could get into a hole to start the season.  I think power hitters are really going to crush the baseball this year with no crowd noise distractions.   The White Sox added power to their lineup, but I think it will take a little for them to put it together.  Tonight I expect the team with more long balls to be the winner and that team should be Minnesota.  Take the Twins.