Friday December 1st Betting Recap

Picks for 12/1/23  

College Football 
8:00 PM EST
Rotation #306
Washington +9.5 over Oregon (win)
Tonight’s game is the last in PAC 12 history as ten teams head off to different conferences next year. It’s fascinating to see a higher-ranked squad that won the head-to-head matchup be a significant underdog in tonight’s game. The average bettor will be all over Washington tonight. “Sharp” bettors, those who put more money on a game than the average Joe, will take Oregon, thinking Vegas knows something the public doesn’t. If you look back to the head-to-head matchup, the Huskies lost the turnover battle but still won. It’s not as if they got lucky. I understand that the game was at home, but this game is a neutral site, so neither team has a home-field advantage. The Ducks are a great team, as Bo Nix will be a good QB in the NFL, but Michael Penix is a playmaker for Washington. The Ducks are a slightly better team on paper, but winning by a large margin in a championship setting takes a lot of work. Both second-year head coaches have done a tremendous job making their programs successful. We will side with the public. The Huskies can run the ball and are and are a well-balanced offense. I don’t see them getting blown out. Take Washington.